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Photos:  Left- moving the 1920 schoolhouse to the park, 1975.  Above left- Museum c. 1980.  Above center- Naturita school house 1924.  Above right- Museum main room.  Below- Museum pre-history room.

Soon after the Rimrocker Historical Society formed, in 1966, the group became inundated with historical items donated by local citizens. Now the Rimrockers needed a facility to showcase their collection. In 1975, the department of education offered the old schoolhouse to the town of Naturita, who in turn offered the use of half the facility as a museum to the society- if they could arrange and pay for moving the old building.

The group was ecstatic. With the help of many bake sales, donations, and a Colorado Historical Society grant, the job was done.  Over the years the building became crowded with history, each item too memorable to pack away.

In early 2017 museum staff finally tackled the huge task of turning all this data into a story that could be easily understood and appreciated by the expanding numbers of visitors, most of them from out of the area, even out of the country.

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